Sonia’s New Freedom Thanks to Adult Stem Cells

In October, the StemCellResearchFacts team visited Sonia Coontz in southern California. A stroke had devastated her body several years ago. But thanks to a breakthrough adult stem cell treatment by doctors at Stanford University, Sonia has a son, a husband and a freedom and happiness that is felt by anyone who meets her. She is an inspiration.


Adult Stem Cell Transplant Fulfills Two Dreams for Jackie Stollfus

When we last featured Jackie Stollfus in 2014, she’d overcome five years of battling lupus and lost a baby in the process. Now three years later, she’s free of the debilitating disease and her and her husband Brian are the parents of two beautiful girls. Watch her story here – and for more information about adult stem cell research, visit

Jackie Stollfus Gets her Family

In March of 2014, told you about Jackie Stollfus and her battle to overcome Lupus. She’d had an adult stem cell transplant and her dream was to someday become a mom.  Well fast forward three years and Jackie and husband Brian are the parents of two beautiful daughters, four month old Tarin and a very sweet and energetic 2 year old named Tenley. We returned to the Stollfus family to follow up on our original story. And that miracle Jackie and Brian dreamed of has come true. Stay tuned for our story on

Clarifying a White House Letter on Stem Cell Research

Eugene C. Tarne | September 23, 2015

The White House recently launched a site on Tumblr to feature letters sent to the president by the American people.

The handful of letters posted so far cover a variety of subjects, including the usual suspects such as jobs, wages, healthcare and the economy.

But one letter in particular stands out and has garnered attention in the media — including media overseas e.g., here and here.

The letter is from 15-year-old Gavin Nore of Iowa. Early in 2013, Gavin was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Gavin courageously fought back against his diagnosis. Doctors utilized stem cells to treat Gavin and this treatment, combined with Gavin’s bravery, led to victory in his battle against this cancer.

Gavin wanted to write to the White House about this because, as he recounts in his letter, back in 2007, when he was seven, Gavin had the opportunity to meet then-candidate Barack Obama. Gavin asked the candidate whether, if elected president, he would “continue stem cell research.” Candidate Obama assured the boy that he would. Gavin concludes his letter by thanking Obama for keeping that promise because without stem cell research “I wouldn’t be here.”

While the White House website features Gavin’s letter as yet another example of how the administration’s policies are having a direct and positive impact on people, a clarification is needed here before the administration takes too much credit.

During the 2008 campaign, Obama emphasized what he considered the necessity of human embryonic stem cell research (hESCR) and his strong support for it, in contrast to the ethically constrained approach to such research adopted by the Bush Administration. At the same time, Obama downplayed or ignored the promising alternatives to hESCR such as adult stem cell research.

But the stem cell treatment that saved Gavin’s life did not use human embryonic stem cells. The most common stem cell therapy for Hodgkin’s lymphoma combines high-dose chemotherapy with a stem cell transplant. The chemotherapy first destroys the cancer cells, and then the patient receives an infusion of blood-forming stem cells to replenish his system. The stem cells can originate from the patient himself, or from a donor. In either case, the stems cells used are emphatically not human embryonic stem cells.

A variant of this type of adult stem cell treatment – chemotherapy followed by an infusion of adult stem cells – has also been used to successfully treat patients with, among other diseases, diabetes and multiple sclerosis.

The Obama administration did “continue stem cell research,” most notably by lifting the Bush-era rules on hESCR and greatly expanding federal funding for it. But neither this policy of expanding federal support for ethically contentious hESCR, nor such research itself, was responsible for saving Gavin’s life.

Ethically non-contentious adult stem cells were.

Eugene C. Tarne is Senior Analyst for Charlotte Lozier Institute.

Midwest Conference on Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine

Several patients featured on were invited to attend the first ever Midwest Conference on Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine.  Kansas Governor Sam Brownback was also on hand to encourage the doctors, researchers and scientists to keep working to find cures. 


Kansas Governor Sam Brownback answers questions from a reporter during a break at the Stem Cell Conference.


Dr. David Prentice explains government regulatory challenges for stem cell researchers.



Two families whose lives have been dramatically impacted by adult stem cell research. Mary Lou Rusco(seated-center) and Terry Killman(standing-right) both received adult stem cell transplants that saved their lives.


Midwest Conference on Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine

Barry Brown Update

Adult stem cell recipient Barry Brown featured on an eight story billboard in Miami.

Our friend Barry Brown has been very busy since his adult stem cell transplant at University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine. He’s grown his fitness and training business, run a half marathon, gotten married, and now he’s being featured in an ad campaign in Miami for the University’s medical school.  Barry’s also been a speaker at an international conference on adult stem cells. Oh yeah, and he feels great!  Way to go Barry! Keep up the great work.

Adult Stem Cell Recipient Rob Waddell Feature Shoot

Our next story features the miraculous recovery of Rob Waddell. He was given an adult stem cell transplant at the same time as his kidney transplant nearly four years ago. Because his donor was willing to give both, Rob now lives free of any anti-rejection drugs and his kidney may last for the rest of his life.  Stay tuned to for this heartwarming story of hope. Should be posted in early May, 2013. (Photo shot in Louisville as DHTV Digital videographer Derek Carter captures footage of adult stem cell recipient Rob Waddell.)

Emails from You

Thanks for the Inspiration

Comments:  Wonderful story, inspires the heart (no pun intended).  I had a double bypass myself and still have one artery partially blocked. Have diabetes also. I lost 55 pounds and changed my diet and exercise on my new elliptical machine. Would love more stories like this and would love know how I might participate in a stem cell study myself. You guys are are great! Thanks for the buildup!


Seeking Information about Scleroderma

I’m italian guy. my mother is suffering from diffuse scleroderma from 2004/2005 and after many therapies that have done here in Bari, unfortunately, the disease continues to progress.

I was looking for info on the internet on experimental treatments abroad and found a number of articles on stem cells.(  ) I would be infinitely grateful if you could tell me if and where you can get more information about or if there is any center in Italy to use this treatment. thank you very much

Giuseppe De Mita

Information about Scleroderma

Comments: Hello! My name is (   ). I am 28 years old and live in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. Make that four months was diagnosed with Scleroderma. The disease has progressed quickly. And unfortunately the only treatment combat some symptoms. I Phenomenon Renaut and a process of fibrosis in the lungs, and also problems of esophageal motility, and many sorrows. I would love to send me information about the stem cell treatment. If this treatment would be possible in my case. Where is done, how much it costs … I see my life getting limited and longing for help. I thank you.